4th Grade

Traditionally, fourth grade marks the transition from learning to read (in kindergarten through grade three) to reading to learn (in grade four and beyond). There is more focus on academic language as students learn and practice a range of strategies for acquiring vocabulary independently. They read a wide range of literature, study the structural elements of poems, analyze informational text, and learn to use evidence to support points in the text. In Mathematics, fourth graders perform multi-digit arithmetic. They use large whole numbers to fluently add and subtract and to develop fluency with multiplication and division (including quotients with remainders). They develop a deeper understanding of fractions addition and subtraction of fractions (with like denominators) and multiplication of fractions by whole numbers. Students classify geometric shapes based on properties (i.e., parallel or perpendicular sides, angle measurements and symmetry). Standards-based instruction also includes Science, History-Social Science, Visual & Performing Arts, Health, and more.

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