2nd Grade Bee Keeper - Steam Rm

Seneca Positive Discipline Wkshop - Cafeteria - Postponed

TK&K Recognition - Cafeteria

Flouride Varnish - Cafeteria

Students' First Day of School Year 20-21

3rd Grade Bully Prevention In Classrooms

3rd Grade Field Trip SCC Water Dist

Parent Workshop -Tzu Chi Cafeteria

5th Grade Articulation meetings

4th Grade walk to Merrill Gardens

Audubon Society, 3rd Grade - Cafeteria

Picture Day - Free Dress

TK & K Family Picnic - Turf Area

PIQUE Class STEM II - Staffroom

3rd Grade Free Dress Day

TK & K Bubble Day - Near Pod

PIQUE Class STEM 1 - Staffroom

TK & K Community mtg. Cafeteria

5th Grade Field Trip - Morgan Park

PIQUE Class Principal's Forum - staffroom

Kinder Community Mtg. - Cafeteria

Planet Bee Visit 2nd Grade Classrooms

2nd Grade Field Trip - Walk to Campbell Library

Multi Cultural day - outside

2nd Grade Trip to Campbell Library

MulitCultural Spirit Day

Spirit Day - Dr. Seuss Day

Cancelled - Special Governing Board Closed Session

Spirit day - Read and Relax Day

Special Governing Board Closed Session

Picture Day - Uniforms to be worn

Digital Citizenship Night (English)

2nd Gr. Integrity Celebration - Cafeteria

TK/K compassion assembly - Cafeteria

Seguridad de niños en la era digital

Field Trip 3rd Gr. to Campbell Library

Rising Young Authors Celebration

Special Governing Board Meeting

Field Trip Rm. 14 & 19 to Foothill college

Field Trip Rm. 20 & 14 to Foothill college

Teaching & Learning Subcommittee Meeting

Field Trip Rm. 14 & 19 to Campbell Library

Secretary Meeting at DO, office closed

Teaching & Learning Subcommittee Meeting

School Site Council mtg - Staff room

CANCELLED-Board meeting (if needed)

Facilities & Technology Subcommittee

SJPD Bully Prevention - Cafeteria

Soccer demonstration for Afterschool soccer

Intergovernmental Subcommittee - City of Campbell

TK & Kinder Parent mtg Cafeteria

Field Trip 2nd Grade to Heritage Theater

Vision Screening TK,K,@2nd &5th grades

Governing Board Meeting Special Closed Session

Spirit Day - Crazy Hair day

Hearing Screening TK,K,2nd &5th grades

Vote by Mail Ballots Out

Pitch Fest! Library Design Challenge

Special Governing Board Meeting

Teaching & Learning Subcommittee

Spirit Day - Multi Cultural Day

Campus Collaborative - Staffroom

Deadline: Register to Vote

Facilities & Technology Subcommittee

Spirit Day - Inside Out Day

SJPD Safety workshop - cafeteria

Public hearing: Trustee Area Map

First Grade Crew Mtg - Cafeteria

Kinder/Tzi Chi meeting-Cafeteria

Playworks Jr. Coach Mtg. Room A

Playworks Jr. Coach Mtg. Room A

Playworks Jr. Coach Mtg. Room A

Playworks Jr. Coach Mtg. Room A

Playworks Jr. Coach Mtg. Room A

Playworks Jr. Coach Mtg. Room A

Family Movie Night - Cafeteria

1st Gr. Crew Mtg - In Classroom

1st Grade Celebration of Learning - Cafeteria

3rd Gr. Frog Showcase - Cafeteria

3rd Grade Crew Mtg - Cafeteria

Campus Collaborative - Staffroom

TK & K Reflectin Assembly - Cafeteria

Gang Awareness Workshop - Cafeteria

5th Gr. Field Trip to Campbell Library

2nd Gr. Reflection Celebration - Cafeteria

BAWSI Assembly - Cafeteria 4th & 5th Gr. girls

BAWSI Assembly - Cafeteria 2nd & 3rd Gr. girls

Deadline 4pm for Open Enrollment

TK & K field trip - Campbell Library

Seneca - Impact of trauma on developing brain

Field Trip 1st Gr. De Anza Planetarium

Field Trip 4th Grade Academy of Sciences

Flouride Varnish/Dental Screening

Budget Subcommittee Meeting

Facilities & Technology Subcommittee Meeting

CANCELLED: Teaching & Learning Subcommittee

Facilities & Technology Subcommittee Meeting

Memorial Day (no school)

M.L. King Jr. Holiday (no school)

Veterans Day (no school)

Prof. Devel. (No school)

Last day of school (students)

1st day of school (students)

Memorial Day. No school

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