2019 Summer Adventures In Stream

Campbell Summer 2019 Adventures in STREAM UNION SCHOOL DISTRICT Adventures in STREAM 1st-5th Grade Campbell's Adventures in STREAM specialty camps provide fun, exciting activities for children. Campers can make new friends while participating in specialized activities that encourage them to explore all types of learning. Each session includes three specialty ******* for the week in the areas of Science, Technology, Recreation, Engineering, Art and Math (STREAM). Participants will get a well-rounded experience by rotating through all three specialty ******* each day Fee: $190 per session Hours: 8:30am-12:30pm AM: Morning Extended Care available from 7:00-8:30AM for an additional $50 per session PM Afternoon extended care is available 12:30-6:00PM for an additional $165 per session For participants choosing PM extended care, your fee will include Lunch and activities with Explorers or Adventurers Camps Session 1 June 24-28, 2019 Move it! Session 2 July 15-19, 2019 Science Investigators Class 1 Students will have fun in movement drills involvingThis class will focus on the scientific method, running, jumping, and dancing. Everyday students ly journaling, and experiments that are fun educational, and hands on. These experiments will get a short lesson on health, fitnes nutrition with an additional take home activity nd include working with magnetism, static electricity, earth science, and meteorology Class 2 Art Studio Students will learn to use color, lines, and design to create unique pieces of hanging art. They will learn Hip Hop Students wil learn different dance combinations. how other artists use color and lines to make innovative designs and then be able to create their own using various materials This class will take you through a variety of dance moves and get you moving. Students will all also learn the importance of stretching and warming up. Grab your shoes and get ready to DANCE! Class 3 Coding Design Thinking Students will use google CS to learn the basic concept Students will work in groups to tackle a variety of challenges, based on the design thinkin and skills needed in the world of computer coding. g process. Daily assignments will be given to reinforce conceptsThese hands-on challenges not only will inspire and students will have an opportunity to earn badges for completion of work as they step forward mastering critical technology skills. With the future of technology continuing to advance and evolve, coding is a language we should al be fluent in. students but they help make each step of the design process understandable. Each day there will be a new challenge. Students will explore and learn from their mistakes like all good engineers. Register: cusdextensions.asapconnected.com

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