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Upcoming Events

STEAM Showcase April 3rd!

Come see how our STEAM-powered education is energizing students across the district.

All students and families are invited to this annual celebration of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics marvels our students have discovered and created.

When: Wednesday, April 3, 2019 • 4 – 7 p.m.
Where: 295 Cherry Lane, Campbell (Campbell School of Innovation campus)

The event features:

  • Hands-on activities for students of all ages!
  • Demonstrations and performances by students from all Campbell
    Union School District schools, including: Engineering & Design
    Thinking, Computer Science & Robotics, Student Passion &
    Creativity, Film Festival, and Performing Arts.

Leadership Change Coming in 2019-20

Last month, Brian Schmaedick announced that he will be retiring from the position of Principal at Rosemary. 

As he shared in the letter sent out to the Rosemary community on February 15:  

"Rosemary has been a special place since long before I took over as principal in 2012.  There is a spirit of dedication here, a spirit of collaboration and of caring that makes it a wonderful place for kids.  At Rosemary, leadership is shared.  We have strong leaders all over campus and all significant decisions are made by a team or by the whole staff.  The responsibility to lead does not sit in the principal’s office alone."  

We need our community's help in selecting the best possible person to be our next Principal.  You are invited to join Lena Bundtzen, Assistant Superintendent for Rosemary Elementary ‘s New Principal Search Community Input Meeting.  You will learn more about the hiring process and provide input on the characteristics and attributes you would like to see in our new Rosemary leader for the 2019-20 school year.

Friday, March 1

8:20-9:00 a.m.

Rosemary Cafeteria  


Rosemary in Acclaimed Network of Schools

logo for E L Education

Rosemary School is marching forward as a member of the EL Education network of schools.  

EL Education is a 25-year-old organization that grew out of a partnership between Outward Bound USA and the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  

two students looking proud of their work

EL Education schools are bound together by an expanded understanding of student achievement that prioritizes not only mastery of grade-level skills and knowledge, but that puts equal importance on the development each student's character -  challenging every child to develop into model citizens in our community.

Students at EL Education schools demonstrate craftsmanship by creating work that is accurate and beautiful in conception and execution.  Rosemary staff receive extensive professional development in a proven set of research-based core practices that guide our school transformation.  More about EL Education. More about Rosemary on youtube

CIRCLE of Excellence

The Rosemary community has identified six important habits of character that are an important part of all teaching and learning on our campus.  As an Expeditionary Learning School, we believe that character education is as important as academics.  We believe that teaching students to be effective learners, ethical people, and contributors to a better world is at the center of our work as a school.

Students in every classroom will spend time studying ways to develop these six habits of character. In January our focus will be on Courage.

Preparing Students for the Unknowns of the Future

Profile of a Graduate is our commitment to students, families, and community.

 Watch the Video

See how the Profile of a Graduate is taking hold in our first year of aligning instruction to the key competencies:
self-directed, innovative, critical thinker, collaborative, empathetic.