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Upcoming Events

4th and 5th grades Convert Rosemary into a Tropical Rainforest

Come by tomorrow morning from 8:30-9:30 for an immersive rainforest experience!

Our 4th and 5th graders have been working hard to learn all about the rainforest and our role in protecting it. Fourth grade students will take you on a journey to discover the amazing animal adaptations of rainforest animals. Fifth grade students have researched and created narratives to teach about the dangers to our world's rainforests and what we can do to help save them. Come and learn!!

3rd Grade Frogs Expedition Showcase a hopping success!

Thank you to all who came to see the amazing research our 3rd grade crew has conducted on frogs!

Today the cafeteria was hopping with students, parents, and community members who came to learn amazing facts about frogs, their habitats, and the adaptations that help them survive in the wild. Original podcasts, sculpture, poetry, artwork, research, and trading cards -we are all so impressed with out 3rd grade crew!

Sale of Uniforms

Our Home and School Club will be selling school uniforms.

Our Home and School Club will be selling uniform polos and sweatshirts with the Rosemary Rocket logo on the following dates: 

January 9th 

January 21st - morning only 

January 24th - after school only 

They will have a table located by the front gate. Cash and checks will be accepted. 

4th Grade Poetry Cafe!

A new tradition began today at Rosemary!

Today our 4th grade Crews courageously shared their original poetry. Guests were also treated to two poems with two voices. We were honored to have poet ASHA, also a teacher at Monroe Middle School, share some original poetry with us. Third grade students attended a special session as well!

Kindergarten Students Learn Interviewing Skills

Today they interviewed each other about their favorite classroom toys.

Our Kindergarten Crew is learning all about Toys and Play! They have been reading books about sharing and taking care of toys, and last week they invented and created their own toy. This week they are collaborating by working on interviewing skills.