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Special Education

Rosemary Elementary School has a number of programs and staff dedicated to providing support to all students,  Resource Specialist Programs (RSP). Contact the front office for more information.

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Specialized Instruction

Rosemary is committed to providing the resources and tools to make sure every student achieves at the highest levels. These specialized instruction programs ensure that all students are guaranteed an education that's truly beyond the expected.

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Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, & Mathematics—is more than just the subjects in its name. It’s about blending those disciplines in ways that promote collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creative problem solving. Through STEAM students discover meaningful, creative and innovative ways to expand and connect interdisciplinary learning through experimentation and imagination. This will help them apply their learning to succeed in real world settings.

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STEAM Spaces

Campbell Union School District is committed to providing our students an education that is beyond the expected. At Rosemary school, we have transformed a traditional classroom into a STEAM space that integrates science, technology, engineering, arts and math into cohesive instructional units that complement core curriculum. STEAM spaces can include anything from 3D printers to carts of computers and tablets, and all provide open spaces for student work and collaboration.

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Technology continues to be a priority for CUSD. With the implementation of online assessments and the goal of creating 21st Century learners, students are getting more and more exposure to technology in their classrooms. Technology can come in the form of tablets, laptops, and access to presentation systems. In the last 2 years, CUSD has doubled the number of devices available to students and continues to add more.

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Technology Labs

Rosemary boasts an impressive number of technology labs and equipment. Teachers and students have access to over a dozen class-sized carts of technology, including iPads, Macbook Airs and Chromebooks. These carts move between classrooms during breaks and passing periods, saving valuable instructional minutes and providing students a comfortable atmosphere for collaborative work. If you're looking for more traditional technology labs, check out the Media Center with desktop workstations.

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Transitional Kindergarten

Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is the first of a two-year Kindergarten program designed especially for a unique group of students: those whose fifth birthday occurs between September 2 and December 2.

The curriculum bridges preschool and kindergarten, and includes specific strategies for supporting the unique social–emotional development and educational preparation for this group of young learners. 

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Visual Arts

As part of the STEAM curriculum, Visual Arts at Rosemary School provides students with planned, success-oriented art experiences using a variety of materials and techniques. Students will produce artwork in two and three-dimensional forms, and become familiar with drawing tools, techniques, art history, color theory, painting, printmaking, collage, and either papier mache or clay. The students will study each element (line, shape, value, texture, color, space and form) of art as a unit.  Several formative assignments, in addition to a larger project, are given for each unit.

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