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Updated Thu, Feb 13th

Our 4th and 5th graders have been working hard to learn all about the rainforest and our role in protecting it. Fourth grade students will take you on a journey to discover the amazing animal adaptations of rainforest animals. Fifth grade students have researched and created narratives to teach about the dangers to our world's rainforests and what we can do to help save them. Come and learn!!

Updated Fri, Jan 24th

Today the cafeteria was hopping with students, parents, and community members who came to learn amazing facts about frogs, their habitats, and the adaptations that help them survive in the wild. Original podcasts, sculpture, poetry, artwork, research, and trading cards -we are all so impressed with out 3rd grade crew!

Updated Tue, Jan 7th

Our Home and School Club will be selling uniform polos and sweatshirts with the Rosemary Rocket logo on the following dates: 

January 9th 

January 21st - morning only 

January 24th - after school only 

They will have a table located by the front gate. Cash and checks will be accepted. 

Updated Thu, Nov 21st

Today our 4th grade Crews courageously shared their original poetry. Guests were also treated to two poems with two voices. We were honored to have poet ASHA, also a teacher at Monroe Middle School, share some original poetry with us. Third grade students attended a special session as well!

Updated Mon, Oct 21st

Our Kindergarten Crew is learning all about Toys and Play! They have been reading books about sharing and taking care of toys, and last week they invented and created their own toy. This week they are collaborating by working on interviewing skills. 

Updated Tue, Jan 7th

  1. All students must come to school each day in the school uniform.

Boys:  Shirts may be – White or navyblue, preferably with collar.

           Pants or shorts may be – Navy blue or Khaki.  No jeans.

Girls:  Shirts may be – White or navy blue, preferably with collar

           Pants or shorts may be – Navy blue or khaki. No jeans.

           Jumpers, skorts or skirts may be – Navy blue or khaki.

2.  Rosemary school logo sweatshir
ts or t-shirts may be worn.

3.   Boys and girls may choose to wear crew or hooded sweatshirts in navy blue, white or grey.  These must be worn over the polo or long sleeved shirts.

A sweatshirt turned inside out is not acceptable.

4.  Sweatpants may be worn only for physical education. 

5.  All clothing must be size appropriate for the student.  Excessively tight or baggy clothing is not permitted.

6.  Jackets may not be red or light blue and must be free of conspicuous logos.

7.  It is acceptable to wear tights or bicycle shorts under skirts.  These must be uniform colors.

Board policy about dress code.

Updated Tue, Feb 11th

Our spirit day this week has sprung up quickly. Thursday, February 13th, will be Read and Relax Day in pajamas. This will be another day for us to come to school in our PJs! Leave your stuffed animals and slippers at home. Please remember, students not participating must come to school in a uniform. 

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Updated Thu, Jan 30th

Thanks to our community partner and Campus Collaborative member (The City of Campbell), the Eden Avenue Sidewalk Improvement Project was recently completed in the Fall. The project provides storm drainage and safety improvements on Eden Avenue near our school and at the intersection of Eden Avenue and Rosemary Lane. The improvements include new sidewalk, curb, gutter, and driveway aprons; a pedestrian-activated flash beacon system along with striped crosswalks, streetlight, and ADA curb ramps at the Rosemary Lane intersection; a new storm drain line and catch basin; and pavement work. Our school, parents, and members of the community are grateful for the City’s ongoing support in enhancing the safety of our students and their families as they walk or roll to and back from school!  

Updated Thu, Jan 23rd

For the past two months the 3rd grade has been hopping into the world of frogs. Tomorrow they will have a showcase of their learning including scientific paper mache replicas, original porquoi tales, essays on frog adaptations, frog origami, student podcasts, habitat dioramas, student poetry, and this year you will be able to collect frog trading cards too!  

Updated Wed, Nov 20th

Santa Clara County Supervisor Susan Ellenberg presented a commendation recognizing Rosemary Elementary School’s Breakfast After the Bell program. Rosemary Elementary is a prime example of what it means to support children. Since the implementation of Breakfast After the Bell students are ready to learn, engaged in the classroom and most importantly their bellies are full. The work administration, faculty and staff, and parents are doing to support Rosemary students is an inspiring reminder to us all that #KidsMatter