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Rainy Day Schedule 2021-2022 School Year. 

With adhereing to our COVID 19 guidelines we will implement the following protcols during a rainy day. We are asking that parents escort their students to the multi-purpose and say good bye as students are dropped off. Students in TK, Kinder, 1st grade will escorted to their lines by a staff member. 

Before School Procedure: students are to enter through multiple areas as followed: 

  • TK,K,1st grade will line up in the hallway by their classroom door. 
  • 2nd grade will walk in and line up in the foller. 
  • 3rd grade will wait in the cafeteria. 
  • 4th and 5th grade will line up and wait by the classroom doors.
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Parent teacher conference week is next week October 4th through 8th.  All students will start at regular start time 8:05 am but will be dismissed at 12:10 every day. 

Please be ontime to pick up your student.

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Back to School Night days and times: 

Tuesday 9/14

1st Grade @ 5:30PM

2nd Grade @ 5:30PM

Wednesday 9/15

3rd Grade @ 5:30PM

4th Grade @ 6:00PM

5th Grade @ 6:00PM

Thursday 9/16

Kinder @ 6:00PM

TK @ 5:30PM

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It was great to see the excitment in our students eyes as they connectd with their teacher and making new friends. Students were having fun, laughing and playing with their peers and teachers engaging with the stuents during recess. At Rosemary we spent first few weeks going over expectations in the classroom as they learn about how to use the Habits of Character in class, outside of class. Students will learn what it means to demonstrate Compassionate, Integrity, Respect, Courage, Leadership and Excellence. Our Rocketiers are ready to soar high and achieve excellence. 

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We have missed seeing you in person! The purpose of this document is to provide explanation on the school protocols and expectations for students upon return to in-person instruction in Fall of 2021.  Thank you for reviewing this handbook before your child’s first day back.  

Drop off and Pick up Procedures 

In an effort to ensure safety for all students it is important that parents understand the following procedures that will be put in place for student drop off/pick up. Smooth traffic flow requires the help and cooperation of everyone. Cars will enter on our front school loop from Eden Avenue for pick up or drop off vehicles. If you intend to walk your student to the gate or to their line  you must park on the streets around Rosemary. 


All students and adults will be required to wear a face covering at all times when arriving and departing campus, picking up and dropping students off or whenever on school property.


Please note, students and families will not be able to enter or exit Rosemary School from the gate connecting Preschool Program and Rosemary. The gate will be used only for preschool families dropping preschool students. 


Drop Off:  

  • Students may be escorted to the child’s designated area to line up. We are asking families to only be onsite no more than 10 minutes in the morning to drop off their child. We ask that families depart from campus once a child is escorted inside the building.

  • Gates will open at 7:55 am (Class starts at 8:05 am)

  • All parents/guardians need to exit campus, promptly, once school starts (8:05am).

  • Please be on time for your designated drop off time and ensure that your student has their backpack/supplies ready to go when arriving at school. 

  • Parents, at this time we are asking that masks be worn at all times while on campus. 

  • Visitors are not able to come into the classrooms for now. 

  • When using the drop off loop, the student must exit the vehicle on the curb side, cars are not allowed to park in the drop off area.

  • Drivers are to remain in their vehicles during drop-off at the circle. Please allow traffic to flow. 

  • Do not block or park in the drop off zone. 


Pick Up

  • Please be on time. 

  • For in-person pick-up, please have only one parent or caregiver, wearing a facial covering come meet the child near the gate, while following physical distancing protocols.  

  • At this time, Parents/Guardians will not be able to enter the school building to pick up their child. 

  • Tk,K, 1st, and 2nd grade will walk students to the line up area for parents to pick up their child. 

  • Parents in grades 3 through 5 wait for their child at the gate. 


TK, Kinder, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade 

          Drop Off                                                    Pick Up

(Drop off: 7:55 AM):  Main Gate on Eden (Pick up: 2:10 AM ): Main Gate on Eden 


Cars will enter and exit on Eden Street. 

Please do not park in the drop-off and pick up zone. Find a parking spot and walk your child to the line-up area.


Fourth - Fifth Grade: 

(Drop off: 8:05 AM):  Main Gate on Eden (Pick up: 2:35 PM): Main Gate on Eden 


Cars will enter and exit on Eden Street. 

Please do not park in the drop-off and pick up zone. Find a parking spot and walk your child to the line-up area.


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Watch to see highlights from the 5th grade rollercoaster engineering challenge! And as always ...our Rosemary Rocket Scholars of the week!

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It was such a joy watching our students engage with the 5th grade rollercoaster challenge!

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Crew 20 researched human rights violations - here is one of the video's of their presentation on the UFW.

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Please listen to Mr. Galvan's important information about returning to campus and listen to find out who are the Rosemary Scholars of the week!

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Who is Daphne Almazan?  Watch to find out!  And......who are Rosemary's  Scholars of the week??