Rosemary Elementary School

School News

Updated Thu, Nov 17th

Each student decorated a pumpkin to contribute to our pumpkin maze. Some classes decorated their pumpkins based on what the units they were learning, and some had artistic classroom themes. The pumpkin maze was a huge success and students enjoyed contributing to and walking through the maze to see one another's contributions! 

Updated Thu, Oct 13th

Our students are engaging in learning core content area by using Osmo's interactive program! 

Updated Wed, Oct 5th

Our Positive Office Referrals have started back up! Once a week on Fridays, we announce over the loud speaker all of the students who received a Positive Office Referrals. Students then get called to come to the office where we celebrate them with pom poms and students get to pick a prize from our prize "store"! 

Updated Wed, Sep 28th

This year, our students took a tour of each common area in the school and learned the expectations in each area. By utilizing visual posters, going through the tour, and learning the expectations in each common area, this will promote a sense of safety and belonging for our students! Our school expectations in all areas throughout our school are to: Be Safe, Be Kind, and Be Responsible! 

Updated Wed, Sep 21st

Students at Rosemary started attending the Innovation Class this week! In these classes every other week, students will get to explore, create, design, and innovate ideas! These classes are designed to encourage students to solve real world problems through hands-on engaging lessons with our Innovation TOSAs! 

Updated Wed, Sep 14th

As an EL Education Network school, Rosemary is proud to bring back our Community Crew where students learn about Character and strengthen their sense of community and belonging. Once a month, we will recognize students and staff for their Habits of Character during our whole school Community Crew! 

Updated Wed, Sep 7th

Back to School Night for TK, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will be held on September 8th from 6pm-7:30pm. This is an opportunity to come meet your child's teacher, see their classroom, and to see about what your child will be learning this year! We look forward to seeing you all on in person on September 8th! 

Updated Tue, Aug 30th

We have attached a slide presentation with following information: 

Start & End Time

Student Arrival & Dismissal 

Drop-Off Procedures & Pick Up

Area map of where students will line up for arrival

Reminder we do use uniforms at Rosemary School

Cell Phone Use

Updated Tue, Aug 30th

Rosemary is excited to be a part of Campbell's very first Innovation Program. Participating in this program will allow all students at Rosemary to participate in hands-on, STEAM lessons that will be fun and extremely engaging! Please join us in welcoming our Innovation teachers: Ms. Delaye, Mr. Pittman, and Mr. Natividad! 

Updated Tue, Aug 23rd

The first day of school is Thursday, August 18th at 8:05am. Please see attached schedule for more details. 

Friendly reminde that Rosemary is a uniform school. Please make sure that your child wears their uniform. 

Class assignments will be emailed out to families on Monday, August 14th.