Rosemary Elementary School

Campus Collaborative Brings Together Community

Thanks to all the community members, agencies, and organizations who form a part of the Rosemary School Campus Collaborative.  The Collaborative meets quarterly to discuss the needs at our school and in our community and to work together to find solutions.

Representatives from the City of San Jose, Project Hope, the SJPD, the Campbell Community Center, The Home Church, The Campbell United Methodist Congregation, BAWSI, and a select group of Rosemary Parents met on September 27 to discuss work being done in the neighborhood and at the school.  Some highlights include a new recycling awareness campaign being facilitated by Tzu Chi volunteers at the school, an after-school academic support class being offered at the Home Church for Rosemary students, and the formation of the Neighborhood Association under the facilitation of the City of San Jose's Project Hope.

We are very grateful for the support from so many organizations in our community.  If you are interested in joining our Campus Collaborative please contact our School Link Service Coordinator, Fany Arango at 408-364-4254.