Rosemary Elementary School

Rosemary Joins Acclaimed Network of Schools

logo for E L Education

Rosemary School has been selected as one of only four schools in the country to enter into an affiliate relationship with the EL Education network of schools this year.  

EL Education is a 25 year old organization that grew out of a partnership between Outward Bound USA and the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  EL Education schools are bound together by an expanded understanding of student achievement that prioritizes not only mastery of grade-level skills and knowledge, but that puts equal importance on the development each student's character -  challenging every child to develop into model citizens in our community. Students at EL Education schools demonstrate craftsmanship by creating work that is accurate and beautiful in conception and execution.  Over the next few years Rosemary staff will be receiving extensive professional development in a set of research based core practices that will guide our school transformation.  For more information, check out