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Updated Mon, Jul 30th
Updated Thu, Aug 2nd
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Updated Thu, Jun 14th

Have a safe and fun summer break! Thanks to all the students and parents for a fantastic 2017-2018 school year.  See you back on August 22nd!

Updated Thu, Jun 14th

We are looking forward to working with all our incoming Kinder students. We are eager to meet them and are excited about creating a successful partnership between home and school in order to benefit your child's development. Take time this summer to review a few things with your Kindergartener.  Play number recognition games to help them recognize numbers from 0-10 in random order.  It would also be helpful to practice letter recognition of lower and upper letters; flashcard games are fun for this exercise. Allow your child to practice writing their name. Most importantly, read to them every day. Listening to stories and asking questions about them, cultivates understanding and the love for reading. 

Our Kinder Round-Up will be held at Rosemary School on August 13th. 

Updated Wed, Jun 13th

A Message from Superintendent

Dear CUSD Families:
As another school year closes, I want to thank you for being our partner in providing the highest quality educational programs possible for all of our students. 
We made great strides in 2017-18, refining our focus on preparing students for the rigors, challenges and opportunities of their future. I look forward to working together on that important job in the coming school year.
For now, I thank you, and I hope you and your family will take the time to enjoy some well-deserved summer fun.  

Shelly Viramontez, Ed.D.

Updated Tue, Jul 17th

A Message from Superintendent Shelly Viramontez, Ed.D.

We want students to begin to own their own learning, be empowered, and actively engage in their education. For that reason, we must give students a voice and hear directly from them about what they like, want and feel they need in their school experience.

chart of participation data

To gather that input, we chose a Student Voice ThoughtExchange, an easy-to-use and interpret method with questions for our students in grades 3-8.Nearly all of them participated in the April 2018 online forum, sharing their thoughts and ideas with us and each other. The district- and school-level results are available online and from your child's school. They offer valuable information for school and district plans aimed at providing students with an education beyond the expected.

Updated Tue, Jun 12th

Our annual parent education and engagement event returns with more sessions and resources to support students and families.

Join us on Saturday, October 13, 2018.

Stress management. Positive peer relationships.
Promoting student potential. Technology at school and at home.
Social media use. Connecting with your adolescent student.
And much more!

Save the Date! Details to come.

Updated Tue, Jun 12th

Loads of Books, Music, Movies and More Available to Campbell Union School District Students

The Santa Clara County Library District provides free library accounts to all students enrolled Campbell Union School District schools, regardless of their address. Many of our students already have their login information through their school’s library.

Log in or Drop in
There are over 100,000 eBooks available to read, 22,000 Audiobooks, countless songs to listen to and thousands of streaming videos to watch. Since all content is online, there are no fines, late fees, due dates to remember or trips to the library involved. The accounts also can be merged with existing library cards, if a child already has one. The library also serves as a community-gathering place for activities.

  • Visit the library’s calendar for information on summer activities.
  • For information about student’s digital accounts, contact the Campbell Public Library’s Nicole King, at nking [at] or (408) 866-1991 x3224 .

Remember to sign up for the summer reading club at Campbell Library. Every child gets a FREE book just for signing up. The library also has over 20 free programs during the summer for all ages.

Updated Thu, May 17th

300 guests came to celebrate literacy expression in its many forms

The Campbell Library was a-buzz as 300 people—students, families, teachers and principals—came out for Campbell Union School District’s 40th annual Writing Faire. The event features displays of student writing and celebrates literacy expression in its many forms.

Families clustered around the library stacks to read the stories, poems and reports as their students excitedly explained their work to them. 

Adding to the excitement was a drawing for prizes donated by Assistance League Los Gatos-Saratoga, Office Depot, and others, cookies from the Friends of the Campbell Library, and a green-screen photo booth to commemorate the anniversary.

Updated Wed, May 16th

Assistance League volunteers add learning opportunities at Rosemary.


More Rosemary students have the chance to be innovative, collaborative, and critical thinkers as they participate in lessons that combine science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM).

The Assistance League Los Gatos-Saratoga now provides an enhanced (district-approved) curriculum and materials for helping students to think like engineers, architects, and more.

This week's lesson (pictured here) has students working in pairs to build tall and stable structures using every-day items. After hearing the story of Iggy Peck Architect, they learned about how triangle and cylinder shapes affect building construction and incorporated them into their towers.

The Assistance League Los Gatos-Saratoga has provided a wide range of support to Campbell Union School District students and schools over the years. The group plans to expand this new STEAM offering to Blackford Elementary School next year. 

Updated Tue, Jun 12th

Studying California history is part of the fourth grade social science curriculum, but students often do not realize how close to home those historic facts are.

During a City of Campbell dedication event at John D. Morgan Park, students from Rosemary and Capri schools sat on what would have been the front lawn of Sabatian Peralta's adobe and heard what life was like for the family's children and parents. The event also featured traditional Mexican dancing, characters in turn-of-the-century costumes, and recreational activities for the students.

Updated Tue, May 1st

Cornerstone Corner: Sebastian’s Roller Skates

In this month’s ABC book: “Sebastian’s Roller Skates” by Joan de Déu Prats, Sebastian gains confidence while practicing a new physical activity: roller-skating! His newly developed confidence empowers him to speak up and participate more fully in other areas of his life as well. This book shows how physical activity, perseverance, and hard work can bring about great leaps of confidence and skill.

Goals of lesson

  • Help students explore and discover their sparks (interests, dreams, passions, etc.)  
  • Reflect upon and identify the support students receive from their peers, family, and community.  
  • Learn to change mud thoughts into clear thoughts.  
  • Empower students to provide support to their peers, family, and community.

To reinforce this lesson at home, ask your child:  

  • What dreams do you have for your future?  
  • Which mentors or role models who have a strong purpose in life do you admire? Why?  
  • If you could do one thing with your life, what would it be? Why? 

Here are some tips that might help your child find a sense of purpose:  

  • Cut down on television, computer, and telephone time to give your child time to develop her or his interests.  
  • Model having a sense of purpose. Do the things that matter to you.  
  • Compare passion lists. Have family members each write down five things they're passionate about and then talk about them.  
  • Model using positive self-talk and turn mud thoughts into clear thoughts.  
    • “I hate spelling. I never will be able to spell.”-mud thought  
    • “Spelling is hard for me, but I can practice and work hard to do better.”- clear thought.
    • When you “catch” kids modeling positive behaviors...Notice, Name it, and Celebrate it! 

Bell Schedule

  • In Session8:05–9:40
  • Recess9:40–10:00
  • In Session10:00–11:20
  • Lunch11:20–11:59
  • In Session11:59–2:10 *

* Wednesdays end at 1:10

  • In Session8:05–9:40
  • Recess9:40–10:00
  • In Session10:00–11:35
  • Lunch11:35–12:14
  • In Session12:14–2:10 *

* Wednesdays end at 1:10

  • In Session8:05–10:30
  • Recess10:30–10:50
  • In Session10:50–11:50
  • Lunch11:50–12:29
  • In Session12:29–2:10 *

* Wednesdays end at 1:10

  • In Session8:05–10:30
  • Recess10:30–10:50
  • In Session10:50–12:00
  • Lunch12:00–12:39
  • In Session12:39–2:10 *

* Wednesdays end at 1:10

  • In Session8:05–10:05
  • Recess10:05–10:25
  • In Session10:25–12:10
  • Lunch12:10–12:49
  • In Session12:49–2:30 *

* Wednesdays end at 1:30

  • In Session 8:05–10:05
  • Recess10:05–10:25
  • In Session 10:25–12:30
  • Lunch 12:30–1:10
  • In Session 1:10–2:30

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